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The event date and time is allocated to: 07.06.21, 16:55–18:00
The event title is: FASE 21: Ways of Being

Within the past year, humanity has had to adapt to living conditions which were only known to exist in fiction and imagination. Although we’ve faced a year full of difficulties, change, fear, surprises, disappointments, loss and separation, we have consequently learnt how to readjust and reconnect in new, exciting ways. The creative sectors, for example, faced the loss of hosting social, in-person events and the need to come up with solutions and ideas to organize these events in a completely different way.

We, as students, have also had to go through this unfamiliar experience but, as a result, we are now able and extremely proud to present the very first edition of FASE (Film and Screen Events) which aims to showcase not only our talents on our Film and Screen Studies course, but also the talents of students and alumni of the Screen School at UAL’s London College of Communication.

The event’s programme, curated by our very own second-year Film and Screen Studies previewers and judges, consists of eleven short moving-image works created by past and present Screen School students. We have chosen to screen short films and screen-based works since we believe they represent the usual speed of life that we aim to recreate and are desperate to get back to. Short film is a medium which is known because of its power to convert its own restrictions into an artistic fuel. Underfunded, but free of the constraints imposed on conventional forms, it has become a breeding ground for exploring innovative ways to tell stories by experimenting with form, narrative, images and style. All of this combined reflects everything that happened throughout this year, a year full of limitations which spurred a great amount of creativity.

FASE 21: Ways of Being includes a variety of fiction, documentary and animated screen-based works and explores a plethora of themes, subjects and topics including isolation, love, surrealism, animation, loss, harassment, laughter, obsession, and much more.


Short Introduction by Event Hosts (10 min)

Students from the BA Film and Screen Studies course will introduce the screening and the plan for the evening, including any housekeeping.

Billy and Charley (Rafael Aflalo Rodes, 2015, 1 min 26 sec)

Between 1857 and 1862, hoodlum Billy and Charley produced over 5000 counterfeit antiques in their South London workshop, until they were unmasked by Henry Syer Cuming. Many artifacts still figure in museum collections today. The film also plays with the idea of whether a 150 year old forgery can now be considered an antique and belong to a museum, given, in a way, it does portray the society of its time. Language: English.

Stay Maybe? We Think We Made a Film (Soham Kundu, 2020, 10 min 30 sec

An Asian film crew trying to shoot a film by navigating the rules of filmmaking in the UK without prep on zero budget because they just want to make a film. A film about filmmaking. Docu-Fiction, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Language: Mandarin/ English.

I Showed Him COVID-19 (Karolina Gliniewicz, 2021, 2 min)

An experimental short movie is exploring the notion of art created with the use of artificial intelligence. This art piece’s creator has built a unique database consisting of 1,232 photos taken in the pandemics period. Its primary purpose was to evaluate its generated visual response to the current worldwide situation. However, the outcomes have raised the bar by achieving the visual appeal to it. Language: English.

The Red Pen (Raffaele Gabrielli, 2021, 10 min 56 sec)

The Red Pen is a Matryoshka of connected memories, one leading to another. It’s like going down into a well, to catch a thought and re-emerging from it by climbing up a ladder. Language: English.

A Home (Parveen Ali, 2021, 7 min 3 sec)

A home is the shocking personal journey of a woman, desperately seeking somewhere she can call her own, to escape the relentless abuse, torment and persecution she had endured over two years, on a west London housing estate. What makes this process so difficult? Language: English.

Matti’s Story (Georgia Bardi, 2021, 1 min 30 sec)

This is a film made for SCT Charity and based on a true story told by someone with alcohol addictions. This film tells the mental journey of a person who abstained from alcohol addictions. Language: English.

Sardine (Will McCaskill, 2018, 11 min 37 sec)

SARDINE is a film the centres around a lonely man, Jack, who is unable to satisfy himself sexually. He desires another person’s company and is going out alone to restaurants and shops to try and find some connection to anyone he can find. Jack then realises that he is being stalked by a mysterious man with binoculars, Jack finds sexual pleasure in his stalker and can satisfy himself once again. Language: English.

Blinded by Love (Yige Yang, 2021, 3 min)

A man feels responsible for a vulnerable seedling and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it from all the dangers in the world around them.  But is this kind of protect really what the seed wants? Is this love really correct? Language: N/A.

How to become a Panda (Yanming Yang, 2020, 4 min 38 sec)

Has the essence of power ever changed throughout its iteration? Or does it just stay the same? Language: English.

Hey, Ma (Laurie Barraclough, 2021, 8 min)

After seeing a woman she believes to be her lost mother in a car park, Katrina pursues her through the night to her home, longing for a chance to speak to her mother again. Language: English.

Angus The Humanoid Frog (Natalia Bednarova, 2021, 50 min)

A humanoid frog Angus finishes his work and goes home as usual. He has a special habit to relax.  Today, when he routinely starts hallucinating but this time, something is different. Language: English.

Discussion with Filmmakers hosted by Students from BA Film and Screen Studies (30 min)

A number of the filmmakers will be available for a Q & A after the filmscreening


The films will all have closed caption subtitles and the discussion will have live captioning. Both will be in English.


Some of the following films contain sensitive content that some viewers may find disturbing, including flashing and fast-paced images and themes of; suicide, addiction, masturbation, sex, violence, harassment and strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.


This event has been organised by second year BA Film and Screen Students, 2021.

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