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The article title is: FASE 22: Do You Mind? — A montage video for your relaxing


A short montage video was created to include the chill scenery shots in multiple films, for example many scenes were included from Wang Kar Wai’s, Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s, and Jun’ichi Mori’s films. The video collection of these shots is used as filler, they are just beautiful pictures arranged together, such as the images of the golden hours of sunset, a raining temple in the forest or seagulls flying by the seaside and so on. These images are edited to include chilling and relaxing non-lyrical background music or even just soft sounds. The short video is relevant to the screening event as part of editorial content for the FASE website, as it is suitable for an audience who want to relax or meditate, pushing them further into a dazed state. Its purpose is to help them find simple little moments of happiness in their daily busschedules. The whole screening activity is centred around the intention that viewers can forget their surroundings for a short period of time, removing the modern distractions of social media networks and focusing on the moving images on the large screens. Although this video is not necessarily suitable for meditation as there is no human voice guidance, it is still a very relaxing choice for the audience. 

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