The event date and time is allocated to: 28.01.22, 17:00–21:30
The event title is: FASE 22: One Pound Super Short Film Festival

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The One Pound Super Short Film Festival is a brand-new hybrid open-call screening event taking place as part of FASE 22 (Film and Screen Events), organized by third-year students of BA Film and Screen Studies. The event sets out to showcase a variety of super short moving-image works from an array of different people no matter what their background in or experience of filmmaking, film festivals and open-call events looks like. OPSSFF aims to dissect the elitist and established structures and procedures of film festivals across the globe and hopes to encourage more and more people from outside of this bubble to want to share their work and in a new and exciting way.

All we ask? One pound. We simply believe that submission fees should be accessible to everyone! We also believe that all entries deserve to be showcased, which is why every entered piece of moving-image work under a minute in length that we receive is guaranteed a place in the final programme. What’s more, every entrant has the chance to win the sum of all entry fees via a live polling system on the day, where you will be the ones to decide the winner!


Sunrise, Dover, 01.01.2022 (collective "Staying Out", 2022, 40 sec)

The sun rises on the first day of 2022.

Meadow (Abdullah Harun ILHA, 59 sec)

A poetic homage to Theo Angelopoulos‘s “The Weeping Meadow“ (2004).

Romantic Evening in Emigration (Danielius Šermukšnis, 1 min)

It only takes some discounted wine, cartoons and an electric fireplace to set a romantic tone for the evening in emigration.

Hectic (Pata Darija Popova, 1 min)

Jonas is asking if you would like to join for a training with him. He is around your block.

Robin's Rocket (Jonny Knowles, 2017, 45 sec)

After two boys build a den, their friend tries to out do them.

Zombeez (James Atkins, 2012, 46 sec)

A commercial promoting deodorant for zombies.

A Typical Quarantine Day (Filippo Ginestroni, 2021, 59 sec)

The lack of human contact during the pandemic leads to strange conversations with oneself.

Lizzy Spight Response (Ebba Jahn, 2021, 1 min)

An artwork is transformed into sound and movement.

My Last Job (Mort Cohen, 2021, 1 min)

The handing over of a package from agent to agent doesn’t go well.

Film Loop 31: Shisendo (Michael Lyons, 2017, 1 min)

Shisendo – Kyoto’s “temple of immortal poets”, a 17-century mountain retreat that now serves as a Zen temple – is captured on 16 mm film, developed using powdered green tea.

Losing Sight (Betsy Stern, 2021, 51 sec)

An exploration of gratitude found through losing and regaining one’s vision.

Milk (Savanah Joeckel, Sean Singer, 2021, 1min)

A Lynchian reimagining of a “Got Milk?” commercial.

Air (Liding Zhao, 43 sec)

The narrator wishes to be like the freest of all things – air.

Vortex (Shrikant Prabhu, 2021, 1 min)

A vortex encompasses its surroundings until no one can escape its distorting motion.

Vakna (Ida Åberg, 2021, 1 min)

Life set to the rhythm of smartphone’s notifications.

Three days (Luis Alberto Martín Bravo, 2021, 1 min)

Rephotographic microfilm on the burial of Antonio Machado and the circumstances surrounding it.

Pandemic (Direk Bee, 2021, 1 min)

A son voices out his life experience during the pandemic.

Umbrella (Rena Golchin, 2021, 1 min)

On a rainy day, umbrellas can take many different forms.

Afford Asexual (Hiroshi Atobe, 1 min)

An exploration of AI’s absorption of the human voice and physical characteristics.

TKO (Oliver Smith, 2021, 1 min)

Found footage of an Edison film from 1894, depicting the Leonard/Cushing boxing match, is turned into a swirling dance routine.

Embrace Julia & Jacobe (Laura Knoops, Julia Lee Goodwin, 2020, 29 sec)

Julia and Jacobe are wearing individualized versions of the bra alternative base garment, responding to the needs of females affected by breast cancer.

Meaty Mobility (Sid Tilyard-french, 2020, 17 sec)

A weak-legged pensioner fuelled with hatred towards the current youth takes aggressive action.

Papercut (Marina Fastoso , 2020, 1 min)

Haunted by the memory of his mate, a man comes back to their old special place to deal with her ghost.

Reborn (Peri Gandia, 2021, 1 min)

A 2D animation, inspired by activist Julia Butterfly Hill best known for having lived in a 55 m tall, 1500-year-old Californian redwood tree for 738 days to prevent loggers from cutting it down.

Eureka! (David Creighton, 2021, 15 sec)

In this animated micro-short, a conspiracy nut finally grasps the truth.

A Brief Interruption (Jen Guy, 2020, 1 min)

The host of a video conference is interrupted too many times before ending the meeting in an unexpected way.

Where is My Idea? (Snehil C Mishra, 2021, 59 sec)

A writer is looking for inspiration.

Derek Wilful (Eric Stuart Morgan, 2019, 19 sec)

Derek, now 3-years clean, describes his last days of using substances.

Free (Telio F. Espinoza, 2021, 30 sec)

Blue wants to be what it always felt it was.

Toast (Kevin Lucero Less, 2020, 15 sec)

One part of a comedy duo seeks a solo career to grave consequences.

Study Abroad (Sijia Guo, 23 sec)

A TikTok travelogue of a foreign student.

A Picture (Benn Flore, 2019, 1 min)

After hearing a familiar sound, Rose has to buy a picture.

Clap For Yourself (Yunli Zhang, 2021, 1 min)

A surreal stop-motion animation about birth, breasts and kittens.

Lucky Dumplings (Jaromír Plachý,2022, 51 sec)

A micro drama involving two dumplings and a lollipop, created with the help of the author’s hands and mouth.

Waiting for the End (Andreas Kalapodis Atridis, 2020, 1 min)

An asthmatic person’s experience of self-isolation during the pandemic.

The Trip a Day (Marius Ratnikas, 2022, 1 min)

Memories of a friend who is now gone.

Maybe Thom, Maybe Not (Tomas Andrijauskas, 2022, 1 min)

A film based on a story spontaneously provoked while talking on the phone.

Not Hungry (Yao Fu, 2021, 1 min)

Much ado about hunger – and the lack of it.

Sustain (Jake Bentley, 2020, 1 min)

A team of astronauts investigates potential new homes for humanity while the Earth dies.

The ghost (Michelle Ntagoma, Jean-Claude Ntagoma, 2022, 10 sec)

The woman in black appears every Sunday at the same hour and does the same sign every time someone watches her. The observer must follow the sign or face the consequences.

Youth (Aneta Urbonaite, 55 sec)

A home video of dancing in one’s kitchen to a pop tune.

Marionette (Juice shuting Cui, 2021, 1 min)

An exploration of power dynamics between a puppet and their master.

Snail (Wentao Sun, 2021, 1 min)

The protagonist is being chased by a snail.

Sympathy For The Devil (Augustė Kavaliauskaitė ,59 sec)

Shrove Tuesday celebrations in a Lithuanian village.

Serious Things (Dovydas Girskis,1 min)

Serious things start to happen once there’s snow outside.

Mobile psychotherapy (Katarzyna Adamus, 2021, 1 min)

Mike hates waiting – and his psychotherapist is late. 

Subtitles On (Sabrina Rosenheim, 56 sec)

A multilingual conversation between four people and four languages.

Is the Earth going to Flip? (Michelangelo De Cia, 2021, 56 sec)

The brief history of an event that Russia kept secret for over 10 years.

Random Moving (Wenqi Hu, 2022, 52 sec)

A random movement of two humans – and lots of cats.

Ocean Burn (Mariella Driskell, 1 min)

Experimenting with sea and fire; with wave and flame; with water and heat. Ocean Burn is an exploration of rising global water levels as a result of climate change.

We Will Meet Again (Martyna Ratnik, 1 min)

A video postcard to faraway buddies made during the pandemic.


One Pound Super Short Film Festival is a hybrid online and in-person film screening event. The films will all have closed caption subtitles in English. The venue of OPSSFF is Room LTA located on the ground floor of the London College of Communication and can be easily accessed with step-free wide doorways for wheelchair users to enter and leave. Gender neutral toilets are being introduced across LCC, located at the Typo Café also with step free access throughout the area.


Some of the following films contain sensitive content that some viewers may find disturbing, including flashing and fast-paced images, as well as the depiction of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


This event has been produced and organised by Michelangelo De Cia, Mariella Driskell, Wenqi Hu, Martyna Ratnik, final year BA Film and Screen Studies Students, 2022.

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