The event date and time is allocated to: 28.01.22, 09:00–17:00
The event title is: FASE 22: The Definition of Art and Commerce

As our economy changes and develops over time, advertisement strategies have passed through the product-driven stage, to the service-driven stage, till now the contemporary experience-driven stage. Advertising video has now established a new form of visual approach recognized as experiential marketing. By its exploration of moving images, advertising video shows us its potential to evolve into an innovative interdisciplinary art form that should bear the same responsibility as its artistic counterparts.

More contemporary video artists have been able to express their artistic vision through the production of advertising videos. This has led us to question the boundaries between art and commerce, which is what inspired us to create this screening event: The Definition of Art and Commerce. We would like to invite our audiences to discover different examples of the subversion and extension of the boundaries of video art, such as minimalism, conceptualism, and more. This screening event proposed questions such as: “What are the different strategies, forms, and tensions can we observe when we look at aesthetic phenomena today?” and we hope the audiences could find their answer through our selection of films (Art/Commerce, the convergence of art and marketing in contemporary culture).

Our screening event will exhibit at the Well Gallery in LCC. The exhibition design is deeply inspired by the white cube concept, a contemporary concept applied both in art galleries and retail stores. We chose the White cube concept because it represents mutual commonalities between art and commerce. Our exhibition design will present a mixture of maximalist and minimalist styles, which signifies the development of the display in museums and stores.

This screening event emphasises the viewing experiences and the immersion of the sensory experience for audiences. We want to show our anticipation of the future of advertising videos to students in LCC and invite them to share their own perspectives. We hope this event could create a relaxing and thoughtful space, and the screening could inspire students who want to work in the creative industries.

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Sensory Experience

Sensory Experience includes a series of advertising videos from the artists of ‘Art +Commerce’. This collection will introduce the concept of experiential marketing, which shows the development that is very similar to the dematerialisation and de-objectification of conceptual art. Nowadays, more directors construct sensations and meanings that exceed the materiality of the product itself. Albert Moya’s work hint at the relationship between advertising video and conceptual art.

Aesthetic Desire

Aesthetic Desire includes a sequence of advertising videos from ‘Mr. Porter’, the“award-winning retail destination for men’s style advice”, and shows how retailers are becoming more aware of satisfying their customers’ aesthetic desires. By utilising documentary filming techniques, Mr. Porter is able to produce cinematic visuals in the context of an advertising video. Aesthetic desire is one of the most intense and memorable sensational experiences in advertising film. Holistic and aesthetic advertising becomes a crucial element of consumer-focused marketing. This leads to a decrease in the importance of products and the increasing importance of a more encompassing type of experience.

The Future And Responsibility

The Future And Responsibility acts as a guide for the future and responsibility of advertising videos. This collection aims to explore and raise awareness for potential issues around the representation in and of advertisement. This includes videos that hold their social influence accountable and set an example for future development. This event advocates for the potential and the responsibility of advertising videos in the future. It means to provide a space for audiences and directors to discuss how advertising video can evolve into play a bigger part in improving social and cultural aspects of life.


We will have closed captions and subtitles for all the videos. Our installations in Well Gallery could be viewed on the first floor, in turn to provide a wheel-chair accessible space.


This screening event will be held in the Well Gallery in LCC. It has four screens with one projection.


Chloe Zhao
Orla Jones
Cher Cheng
Ella Williams
Dorothea Tan
Roberta Banks-Delvecchio

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