The event date and time is allocated to: 31.01.22, 15:30–17:30
The event title is: FASE 22: Blood Manifesto — A Retrospective Screening of Bulgarian Animator Theodore Ushev

Our event aims to introduce Bulgarian art and more specifically Ushev’s work to an international audience who are likely to be largely unaware of his films.

Ushev’s work is of paramount importance to Bulgaria as he draws on Bulgarian folklore and tradition as well as the work of other Bulgarian artists, such as author Georgi Gospodinov.

Ushev earned major recognition for his short animation Blind Vaysha (Theodore Ushev, 2016) in 2017 when it was nominated in the Best Animated Short category at the 89th Academy Awards. The film stood out due to the linocut-style that Ushev achieved using a Cintiq tablet, and for its fascinating plot based on a work of Gospodinov which revolves around a girl who sees the past out of her left eye and the future through her right, making it impossible for her to live in the present.

The event programme consists of four other short animations and a music video by Ushev.

The event will conclude with a zoom Q&A with Theodore himself.

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Compilation of artwork from Ushev's films that are being screened


The Man Who Waited (Theodore Ushev, 2006, 7 min 45 sec)

The Man Who Waited is an adaption of a parable by Franz Kafka. A sense of hopelessness is apparent as a man spends his life in a fruitless quest for truth and fulfillment.

Gloria Victoria (Theodore Ushev, 2013, 6min 58sec)

Gloria Victoria is distinctly anti-war as Ushev recreates images that represent the bloody horrors of war, from the bombing of Dresden in World War II to Star Wars. Here he credits the styles of expressionism, constructivism, cubism and surrealism.

Blood Manifesto (Theodore Ushev, 2016, 2min 11sec)

Blood Manifesto depicts a world full of injustice through the medium of Ushev’s own blood.

Blind Vaysha (Theodore Ushev, 2016, 11min 15sec)

Blind Vaysha is based on a work of Gospodinov which revolves around a girl who sees the past out of her left eye and the future through her right, making it impossible for her to live in the present.

The Physics of Sorrow (Theodore Ushev, 2019, 27min )

The Physics of Sorrow is also based on a work by Georgi Gospodinov which follows a man as he reminisces about his childhood and attempts to understand the purpose of his life.

Demoni (Theodore Ushev, 2012, 3min 38sec)

Demoni is a song by Bulgarian musician Kottarashky, which features visuals by Ushev.


The event is wheelchair accessible and taking place at LCC in LTA.


Images of blood throughout which some viewers may find distressing.


This event was created by; Vanesa Mitova, Erin Quigley, Dorothea Tan, Orla Jones. We would also like to thank the National Film Board of Canada and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute London for collaborating with us on this event.


Theodore Ushev is an Oscar nominated filmmaker from Bulgarian, currently residing in Canada.

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