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The article title is: Dear Chantel

Q: Can we have an introduction of yourself please?

A: Chantel Edwards born and raised in South Africa.. the countries I’ve visited are United States China Japan Zimbabwe Kenya Tanzania Mozambique Romania St Lucia Barbados Spain and France … My passions are nature music art with hobbies of collecting music and cloud photography..

Q: What comes first into your mind when I mention Black Joy to you? And how do you define Black Joy?

A: This sums up black joy for me

Q: I realized that you put a lot of different genera and styles in your designs to make them seems multicultural, which is why I really love them. Is that due to your rich experience on working in various environment from west to east? And how could those experience effect you?

A: I would say my influence comes from pure observation.. although I do come from a line of dressmakers in my family I never looked at clothes as art but as a way of life, having travelled I notice how similar most cultures are and I wanted to bring everyone together through cloth (you+me=we)

Q: How would you describe your art journey in Asian countries?

A: I would say what I appreciate about Asian culture is it’s preservation of its art that is truly so abundant

Q: You have been cooperated with plentiful Black artists according different industries. How does these community means to you? What is the most remarkable cooperation to you?

A: I would say the most important collaboration I did this year was dressing Dave Okumu and the roundhouse choir for the show at roundhouse London and then I would say the artist that was a really nice surprise was Iniko but I would add that I’m very fortunate to dress amazing humans in general many who are artist in different fields like dance theatre and sometimes I prefer not knowing who the person is so they can interpret my art the way they want to

Q: As an incredible, talented, passionate female artist, is there any advice for the youngsters?

A: Don’t be afraid to explore different music often times it will unlock a visual that the hands must execute…

Exaggerate and be simple in the same breath yourself always

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