Created by:Caitlin Moore
The article title is: Combatting the Chaos

Because the screening event Haphazard Inn:Chaos Narratives is centred around chaos I decided to create this video as a way to remind people to take a step back from their screens and unplug for a while.

I used a collection of typically relaxing footage, such as falling rain and snow, accompanied by soft sounds of running water as a way to try and invoke feelings of calm in the viewer.

I thought that the video would work well as a juxtaposition to the chaotic nature of our screening event. The voiceover works as a sort of guided meditation, reminding viewers to take a break to stretch their legs and breathe deeply for a few moments. I hope that this video serves as a reminder that it’s important to wind down and take time to focus on improving your headspace in the midst of life’s chaos.

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