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FASE23 welcomes you to ‘Bridge of The World, Heart of the Universe’: a mixed media, moving-image, migration showcase inspired by activist-led and community-based art forms,  celebrating individual cultures whilst also being a space for connection (rather than assimilation). Taking place in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, amidst the current harsh anti-immigrant policies encroaching on many governments, ‘Bridge of the World Heart of the Universe’ will be hosted at UAL’s London College of Communication, in the heart of London. 

On January 31st at 3pm, guests will be welcomed into Lecture Theatre C and the Lower Gallery space at LCC; where the event will unfold as a screening but also as an art installation showcasing different artworks from different UAL students and emerging young artists. Upon their entrance, guests will also be handed out the event zine, featuring written work and stills about migration stories and identity from UAL students. The zine will also include the programme of the event and some useful information about charities, organisations, and societies supporting migrants in Britain.
The event will also include a zine-making workshop, which will be an opportunity for attendees to showcase their personal cultural identity through their creativity, and a small world street food market, which will allow guests to mingle, chat, and network while enjoying various foods from around the world prepared by us. The goal of the workshop will be for guests to reflect on their own self-expression and experience with migration, while the food market will be a fun social to end the event.  
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